The Saddle Research Trust, a charitable organisation, has been established to scientifically and objectively lead and support research into the influence of saddles on the performance of horses and riders.

 Equine back problems are often attributable to saddles, yet the design and function of saddles has been little researched.

Saddle design and fitting has been a rather exclusive domain of traditional saddlers, where only “rules of thumb” have existed.

 Back and saddle issues are major factors associated with loss of performance, significant injury and serious welfare implications.

 In the high risk sport of riding, it is essential to investigate methods of minimising risk of rider and horse injury in a fall, but the safety aspects of saddle design have yet to be investigated.

 Through a variety of education programmes designed to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge globally, the trust aims to provide support and advice both to the horse owning public and industry professionals.