SRT Aims

The Saddle Research Trust, a charitable organisation, has been established to lead and support research into the influence of saddles on the welfare, performance and safety of horses and riders using scientific and objective methods.

  • Provide a coordinated, focused approach to research in this important area of study
  • Publish findings in high-quality peer-reviewed journals and contribute to the global advancement of science within the equine industry.
  • Review and disseminate current research, papers and publications in order to raise awareness worldwide
  • Provide information and advice to the horse owning public, industry professionals, other charities and researchers
  • Form research, education and industry links

SRT Objectives

The trust will support research in the field of horse, saddle and rider interaction. Areas of specific interest are:

  • Welfare, performance and safety issues of saddles
  • Back problems and associated behavioural issues.
  • Causes of saddle-related poor performance and wastage in sports horses.
  • Safety aspects of saddle design.
  • Saddle fitting in relation to weight fluctuation